Thursday, April 17, 2014

'Supervisor' Post-Script

If, for some heretofore inexplicable reason, you would like to attempt the problems in my previous post then I offer you my condolences.  I also welcome your interest, however.  Feel free to do so by whatever method seems most expeditious.  I won't tease or belittle you if you don't get the solutions, or if you have questions.  I will, likewise, not praise or extol you (unless you'd like me to) because I prefer to simply acknowledge that you were always and obviously going to get the problem from the moment I posed it - which is most likely true of anyone actually wanting to read these posts.

Furthermore; if you have any splendid brain-training exercises of your own that you'd like to share with me, then I should be most honoured to have the opportunity to peruse them and participate in the mental calisthenics they offer.

Now, I shall hop off and ponder my next post.  Perchance something typewriter-related will alight once more upon my muse.

(Nicely Distracted)