Friday, April 18, 2014

Type-Ins Are In

On any given day, I normally avoid things that are "in" like the plague.  This is not to say that my trite simile is suggesting that the Black Death was particularly fashionable, despite its popularity, but simply that I would avoid it in such a manner as most people attempted to do in the fifteenth century.  If you are the sort of person who immediately made that grisly misinterpretation of my first sentence (as I did when proofing it) then I admire your sense of charnel humour.

A co-worker of mine goads me frequently with the barb that I am a "hipster".  I challenge her every time to actually define what that nebulous term means, but she declines to do so.  I suspect that she leaves it vague just to pester me.  Well, Miss Hipster-Accuser, I accept your challenge and thereby call your bluff!

What's "in"?  Ray Ban glasses: check.  Tweed: check.  An interest in vintage items: check.  Beards - beards are back (not anatomically, although perhaps that could be a new trend): check.  Artisanal beers: check (I appreciate them even though I don't drink them).  Coffee: check, x2.  Type-Ins: che... What?

"What's a Type-In?" I hear the hipster masses whimper.  Is this something they are missing out on?  Obviously they must be, because I am an alleged hipster and I have been missing out on these things, too.  I must hie forth and grasp my wake-board to surf the onrushing tide of hipster masses pressing to gain access to the next and nearest (or most distant) Type-In they can ascertain the location of.  Fear me not, O hip ones, for here you can quaff deep of the cup of satisfaction (and coffee) to be found at your next Type-In.

Why are Type-Ins 'in'?  Precisely because they're not at the minute.  It's complicated, but that's just the sort of thing hipsters appreciate.

Very well - enough of the counterculture jibes.

Yes, I shall be attending the Type-In that is organized for April 26th 2014 in Cincinnati.  I'm in Columbus, so I really have no excuse not to.  If my SM4 is ready in time then I'll bring her, otherwise my presence may be flanked by one or both of the SG1 brothers:  v1.0 for sure, but v2.0 has a bit of a cold right now (all stuffed up).  I may open him up this weekend, give his sinuses a good scrubbing, and take a few promised pics for the good folks who have expressed an interest in seeing the extent of the repairs I conducted on him.  I just wish I could find my decent camera!  I also need to put together a typewriter / Type-In toolkit in case something craps out unexpectedly.

It pains me to see that I will not be able to attend the London Type-In/Out in May, although in all truthfulness I would be reluctant to board a plane with my SM4 anyway - it is still a bit heavy as a carry-on bag, and there is no way that I would entrust her handling to baggage-throwers I'd be a nervous wreck every minute of the trip between CMH, YYZ, and LHR.  I could probably get a prescription for Valium, but the bottle would be empty by the time I reached London.  I'd just fall onto the tube by the end of the flight and the next week would pass in a somnambulistic episode of bizarre proportions.

Some Hunter S. Thompson moments are best not imitated.